Welcome to Dietetics in Health Care Communities (DHCC)!
Cora-Martin.jpgDHCC is a group of dietitians and dietetic technicians serving post-acute care and corrections. Established in 1975, we are one of the first DPGs in the Academy.  Formerly CD-HCF (Consultant Dietitians in Healthcare Facilities), we changed our name in 2009 to better reflect the diverse practice areas of the members.

As the healthcare industry evolves, DHCC strives toward meeting the needs of a growing elderly population, undernutrition and burgeoning chronic disease within our expertise of post-acute care and corrections.

Our mission is to empower DHCC members to be the nation's food and nutrition leaders. We strive to provide tools that support our members in meeting the mission as we serve the senior population. Benefits include:

  • Connections - the quarterly newsletter, webinars and publications that support members in daily practice. The newsletter typically includes up to 2 CPEUs in each addition and webinars provide similar opportunities.
  • A variety of publications both in hard copy and electronic formats. Review the topics under the Online Store tab on the website.  These include Nutrition Care of the Older Adult which is published by the Academy in conjunction with DHCC, the Pocket Resource for Nutrition Assessment and Pocket Resource for Management. Electronic Mailing List (EML) for members to share ideas and support from the group along with an EML for the Corrections Sub-unit.

Click on the Resources tab of the website and choose "Join EML" to register. 

  • DHCC is active on social media, via Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Awards and Scholarships are available annually.
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Student involvement is encouraged.

I am honored for the opportunity to serve as the Chair of DHCC for 2019-20. Together, we make a difference for those we serve.

Cora J. Martin, RDN, CSG, LD