Current Year Webinars 2022-23

This is your DHCC current year webinar hub. Here you will find handouts and CPEU information for both upcoming and recorded webinars. Past webinars are available on-demand for self-study CPEU.

Reminder for Self-Study. 
You will watch the video, then link here to submit your information.  Information is reviewed at the end of each month and CPEU documentation will be emailed to you.
*Our next review will be on or about February 23, 2023

February 2023: Plant-Based Foods to Mitigate Unintended Weight Loss in Older Adults 
Webinar handout

January 2023: Tears Fears and Reveals: Navigating the Psychology of Eating
-Webinar recording
-Submit your information for watching the recording (CPEU)
-Center for Clinical Health Interventions - Mental Health Resources
- Q/A Answers

June 2022: Powerful Pairings: Elevating Balance, Taste and Nutrition

- Webinar recording
- Submit your information for watching the recording (CPEU)

November 2022 - HA DPG: "It Must Be My Metabolism" Nutrition to Maintain Muscle Mid-Life and Beyond