Continuing Education Award

NOTE:  The application period is open now!  Apply by February 21, 2023

Gaynold Jensen Memorial Continuing Education Award is administered by the Academy Foundation; members of the DHCC DPG are eligible to apply. Gaynold would want every eligible dietitian to take advantage of "her" money to use for further educational opportunities.  The stipend pays out up to $1,500.00. The application form can be accessed online here

Gaynold Jensen (1914-1997) was a Minnesota dietitian who is remembered by many not only for her career accomplishments, but also for her passion for the profession and successes of the dietitians with whom she worked. Gaynold was an Iowa State graduate who joined the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 1946.  She worked for the USDA in Iowa and Minnesota; as hospital and commercial foodservice dietitian; and eventually as a consultant dietitian in long term care.  Gaynold was the 1985 MAND Medallion award winner.  She passed away having achieved her 50-year milestone as a member of the Academy which was something she was very proud of and important to her. 

In 1975 Gaynold became one of the founders of Dietetics in Health Care Communities (DHCC), formerly Consultant Dietitians in Health Care Facilities, (CDHCF).  Gaynold played a major role in the national practice group becoming the successful group that it is today.  As a result of her work and passion for the consultant dietitian, the Gaynold Jensen Educational Stipend was established in 1982 in her honor.